XXI Pork Gastronomic Fair

Visit Boticas Photo Report In the event, which attracted thousands of people to Boticas, it was possible to find, besides the stands of the producers, handicrafts and several small shops with the local gastronomic specialties, various types of smokemeat, ham and also rye bread and regional wines. The three-day program included various animation activities, such […]

50 reasons to visit Covas do Barroso

Going up and down mountains, or strolling through the villages, discovering Covas do Barroso by bike, or on foot, is a unique experience. In Covas, it is still nature that dictates the rules by which men and animals rule. The gestures depend on the pulsar of the earth and the routine is imposed by the […]

Guided visits in the context of the the CICLE international symposium

Visit Boticas Photo Report Guided visits to the Interpretation Center of the Terva Valley Archaeological Park (TVAP), Hillfort of Sapelos, Hillfort of Carvalhelhos, Hillfort of Lesenho, Quinta do Cruzeiro  Museum House and Church of Santa Maria de Covas do Barroso. As part of the International Symposium “Cultural Interactions and Changing Landscapes in Europe (2nd century BC […]

Trancheiras return to the village of Beça

 Visit Boticas Photo Report Tradition has once again become what it once was. With the return of the trancheiras of S. Pedro to the village of Beça, after a few years without being seen. A curious and fun tradition, which involves the mysterious disappearance of objects at night, later recovered near the trancheiras.   Visit […]

Hermitage of the Hill-fort of Muro de Cunhas

Visit Boticas Photo Report On the western slope of the Hill-fort of Muro de Cunhas, and partially overlapping one of the wall lines, there is a small hermitage conserved and framed on the rocky formation. Inside, there are some notable inscriptions and symbols of Christian tradition, engraved in low relief. The hermit José, who built, […]

Castreja Festival – Barroso Pact

Visit Boticas Photo Report Boticas returned to retreat 2000 years, for the third edition of the Castreja Festival, this year, along with the Barrosão Pact (Hospitium Barrosorum). The party animated the forest park, next to the Hill-fort of Carvalhelhos, on June 9 and 10, with historical recreations, street animation, gastronomy, old art workshops, music, and […]

Downhill Boticas Trophy 2018

Visit Boticas Photo Report The threat of rain, which surprisingly did not materialize, was not enough to keep the athletes away from a downhill that has grown again in numbers on one of the most spectacular tracks in the north of the country. The event, which was attended by more than 200 participants, was organized […]

Winter Postcards

Visit Boticas Photo Report Boticas woke up dressed in white, a scene of rare beauty that did not leave anyone indifferent.   Visit Boticas / 28/02/2018 / Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION    

Carnival of Boticas 2018

Visit Boticas Photo Report It was in a wet but lively environment that about a thousand extras toured the main arteries of Boticas. In the traditional Carnival parade that attracted thousands of visitors.   Visit Boticas / 12/02/2018 / Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION    

Carnival of Misarela

Visit Boticas Photo Report The bridge of Misarela, between the municipalities of Montalegre and Vieira do Minho, celebrated last Saturday another Entrudo (carnival). A cultural manifestation, that dragged many curious, to a magical place.   Visit Boticas / 11/02/2018 / Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION