The Mills

In the municipality of Boticas there are about 240 water mills built with the purpose of guaranteeing the intensive grinding of all the rye of the rural house during the rainy season. This number is justified by an agro-pastoral and self-consumption economy traditionally based on rye monoculture, interrupted by sporadic corn yields. The mills are […]


There are many festivities that take place throughout the year in the county. What we generically designate as Festivities, assumes in practice, a variety of forms: communal meal, or just distribution of bread and wine to the faithful; religious celebration, usually followed by a procession with the image of the saint around the church/ chapel; […]

The honey of Barroso

The production of honey has always had great importance in the county. This is evidenced by material evidence such as a large dorna, located next to the parish church of Vila Grande de Dornelas, where the local population placed the wax-paid tributes to the archbishopric of Braga, as mentioned in the parish memoirs of 1758 […]


Natural Boticas has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality of the landscapes that dress the region and is evidenced by the presence of numerous species of animals and vegetables with conservation status. The geomorphology of the terrain, which sometimes complicates access to some regions, has allowed natural ecosystems to […]


Art & Culture EXPOSURE

Light registers at MACNA

Impressionist painting by Sousa Lopes The MNAC collection (1900-1950) At the onset of the partnership between the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Portuguese MNAC) and the Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art (Portuguese MACNA), MNAC presents in Chaves a set of works from its collection from 1900 to 1950, in an exhibition curated by Maria […]

Photography REPORTAGE

Feast of St. Brás of Beça

Visit Boticas Photo Report The tradition has been fulfilled again in the village of Beça, with the feast in honor of St. Brás. As in previous years, the devotees of the saint met to attend the mass, followed by the procession and the communal lunch.   Visit Boticas / 09/02/2020 / Photography: TR    


Boticas Parque has new inhabitants

Hilo and Graciete are the names of the new inhabitants of Boticas Parque – Nature and Biodiversity. The two garranos equidae were donated to the park under a protocol established between the Northern Agriculture and Fisheries Regional Directorate (portuguese DRAPN) and the Municipality of Boticas, with the aim of increasing the number and variety of […]

Photography REPORTAGE

The XXII Pork Gastronomic Fair in 22 images

Visit Boticas Photo Report In the event, which attracted thousands of people to Boticas, it was possible to find, besides the stands of the producers, handicrafts and several small tascas with the local gastronomic specialties. The four-day program included various animation activities, such as the famous “chegas de bois” (ox fight), folklore and traditional songs. […]




Where to eat

Sol Picante Barbecue

Barbecue Estrada Nacional 311 Carreira da Lebre 5460-125 Beça-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 414 016 Facebook Open Google Maps    

Casa do Pedro

Traditional Cuisine Rua Direita, 15 (Largo da Capela) 5460-010 Vilarinho Seco-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 444 112 By appointment only. Open Google Maps    

Where to stay

Casa São Cristóvão

Rua 5 de Outubro, 12 5460-304 Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 415 486 Email: info@ruralturismo.net www.ruralturismo.net Open Google Maps  

Casa da Eira Longa

Rua Central, 9 5460-512 Vilar-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 415 979 Email: eiralonga@eiralonga.net www.eiralonga.net Open Google Maps