The agricultural activity in Boticas has a strong rural character, preserving the traditions, which allows to maintain the quality and genuineness of the regional products. Proof of this quality has been the certification and protection of origin of several traditional products harvested or made, contributing to guarantee their authenticity and favoring the development of a […]

County of Boticas

The municipality of Boticas is located in the northwestern part of Portugal, in Trás-os-Montes, District of Vila Real. Created in the context of the administrative reform of 1836, the present municipality of Boticas, which corresponds to part of the old Barroso land, has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality […]


Natural Boticas has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality of the landscapes that dress the region and is evidenced by the presence of numerous species of animals and vegetables with conservation status. The geomorphology of the terrain, which sometimes complicates access to some regions, has allowed natural ecosystems to […]

The Mills

In the municipality of Boticas there are about 240 water mills built with the purpose of guaranteeing the intensive grinding of all the rye of the rural house during the rainy season. This number is justified by an agro-pastoral and self-consumption economy traditionally based on rye monoculture, interrupted by sporadic corn yields. The mills are […]



XXI Pork Gastronomic Fair January 9-12

The XXII (22nd) Pig Gastronomic Fair will be held from January 9th to 12th, 2020 (Thursday to Sunday) at the Boticas multi-purpose pavilion. An event with a great significance for the local economy, especially for those who continue to create the pork and make sausages in the traditional way. In the fair, which attracts thousands […]

Photography REPORTAGE

Village of Sapelos

Visit Boticas Photo Report This is the first in a series of photo reports dedicated to the villages of Boticas. We start our trip in Sapelos, one of the most unique villages in the Terva Valley. Here, unexpected architectural solutions contrast with countless colors and textures, making the streets truly open-air art galleries.   Visit […]




Where to eat

Rio Beça Restaurant

Regional Cuisine Estrada Nacional 311, Carreira da Lebre, 5460-125 Beça-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 413 003 Email: riobeca@gmail.com www.hotelriobeca.com Open Google Maps    

Taberna Ti João

Regional Cuisine Rua do Lameirão 1 5460-130 Carvalhelhos-Boticas Mobile phone: (+351) 938 272 698 Email: geral@tabernatijoao.pt www.tabernatijoao.pt Open Google Maps    

Where to stay

Casa da Eira Longa

Rua Central, 9 5460-512 Vilar-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 415 979 Email: eiralonga@eiralonga.net www.eiralonga.net Open Google Maps  

Casa São Cristóvão

Rua 5 de Outubro, 12 5460-304 Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 415 486 Email: info@ruralturismo.net www.ruralturismo.net Open Google Maps