Ecomuseum of Barroso – Espaço Padre Fontes

The Espaço Padre Fontes (Father Fontes Space) is one of the constituent poles of the project Ecomuseu de Barroso, constituted by several poles scattered territorially by the municipalities of Boticas and Montalegre. Its aim is to provide a perception of the unique identity of each place and of the various forms that the inhabitants of […]

Church of Our Lady of the Presentation of Beça

Implanted in the middle of the village of Beça, within an enclosure delimited by a wall, with a granite access staircase. The church of Our Lady of the Presentation is a unique example of religious architecture in Baroque style, highlighted by the elegance of the façade and the quality of stone work. With the passage […]

Tresminas Roman Mining Complex

The Tresminas Roman Mining Complex was one of the most important gold explorations of the Roman Empire. The first and second centuries AD were of intense mining activity, mainly for the exploration of gold, but also of other ores, such as silver and lead. From these works resulted a monumental group formed by the exploration […]

Mountain Products Rural Store

Meat of the Barroso, bread, wine, honey, dried fruit, smoked and cheese are some of the products that you can find at the rural store Produtos de Montanha. The store, which aims to be a showcase for local producers, is the result of a partnership between the municipality and the Agricultural Cooperative of Boticas.   […]

Wire Bridge

The bridge, suspended in wire and wood, allows the pedestrian crossing over the river Tâmega, linking Veral in the municipality of Boticas, to Monteiros in the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar. It is planned to move to another location after the completion of the construction of the Alto Tâmega dam and subsequent filling in […]

Vila Grande

Vila Grande is the seat of the parish of Dornelas, former seat of the archbishopric of Braga created by D. Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal. It was until the constitution of the county of Boticas seat of county.   Dorna (click to enlarge)   Its toponym “Dornelas” means small dorna that represented the measure […]

Store of Interactive Tourism

At the Nadir Afonso Arts Center In the store you will find a table with an interactive map where some of the tourist attractions of the county are located. With information, photos and contacts divided by categories, allowing the user to organize their visit route. The contents of the store also include videos displayed in […]

Historical Repository of the Wine of the Dead

It is said in the region that during the second French invasion, the inhabitants of Boticas had to hide their possessions for fear of looting. The wine, after being bottled, was buried. After the departure of the invaders, and when it was unearthed, it presented qualities unknown until then. The tradition of bury the wine […]

Caldas Santas of Carvalhelhos

When entering in Carvalhelhos, an access to the right takes you to the Caldas Santas springs, whose waters are indicated for the treatment of dermatological, renal, intestinal and liver problems. It is said in the village that a poor reaper, with her legs in sores, was mowing grass on a field of Carvalhelhos, constantly covered […]

Altitude Routes

Hiking / Bike / Car Going up and down mountains, or strolling through villages, discover Boticas by bicycle, on foot, or by car, is a unique experience. With the Altitude Routes by Visit Boticas it is easier to get to that place from where the views are absolutely breathtaking. The variety of paths allows for […]