Inaugurated new exhibition at Nadir Afonso Arts Center

The Nadir Afonso Arts Center hosted last Wednesday, December 5, on the anniversary of the birth of the painter, the inauguration of the exhibition “Nadir Afonso – Nadir in the Cities”. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the curator of the exhibition, Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, the president of the Nadir Afonso Foundation, Laura Afonso, […]

Barroso World Agricultural Heritage receives Chinese delegation

Boticas received a visit last November 16 and 17 from a Chinese delegation from the province of Gansu in the framework of the recent classification of the Barroso region as World Agricultural Heritage by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This meeting had as main objective the exchange of knowledge between […]

Flavors of Boticas at EXPONOR

The tastes of Boticas were highlighted in the various showcooking sessions held this Sunday, October 28, in the 2nd edition of “So Food So Good – Portugal Taste”. The traditional fumeiro (smoked meats) of the Barroso, the folar (type of bread), the bola de carne (meat bread) and Mel de Barroso (honey) were some of […]

European researchers gather in Boticas

The event, which took place between 11 and 13 October (2018), brought together in Boticas a group of national and international researchers, who discussed the problem of the processes of contact between cultures in the transition of the Age in Europe.   From left to right: Vice-rector of the University of Minho Manuela Martins; Mayor […]

Restoration work has begun in the church of Santa Maria de Covas

The most notable example of the Romanesque-Gothic style religious architecture of the Barroso region, the church of Santa Maria de Covas, is undergoing restoration and conservation work under the Atlantic Romanic Plan, together with the church of Serzedelo in Guimarães, as a result of the construction of the Alto Tâmega dams by Spain’s Iberdrola. The […]

Exhibition Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas

The “Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas” exhibition was inaugurated last October 11, parallel to the “International Symposium: Cultural Interactions and Landscapes in Change in Europe (2nd century BC / 2nd century AD)”, which took place between on the 11th and 13th. The exhibition shows, 21 fortified settlements, all of which with ruins of defensive walls, […]

Boticas has the best water in the Alto Tâmega

According to the Annual Report of the Portuguese Water and Waste Services, recently presented by ERSAR (Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority), with data referring to the year 2017, the water from the public supply network of the County of Boticas is the Alto Tâmega water that presents the highest quality for human consumption and […]

Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas

The exhibition shows, 21 fortified settlements, all of which with ruins of defensive walls, buildings in the interior platforms and ceramics. Some of these could be from previous period, perhaps from the Bronze Age, as evidenced by some handmade ceramics and the findings of bronze pieces (Castro do Brejo), while others had a wide occupation […]

Boticas is candidate for 2020 FIA Hill Climb Master

Portugal is a candidate for the organization of the FIA Hill Climb Master of 2020, proposing that the one that is the greatest European race car race is held in the Rampa de Boticas precinct, maintaining the same year the Falperra International Ramp. According to the president of the Portuguese Federation of Motor Sports and […]