Trail Caminhos do Galaico attracts 800 participants

Boticas Park – Nature and Biodiversity, received on Sunday, May 12, the 3rd edition of Boticas Trail – Caminhos do Galaico, a sports event organized by the Celtiberus Environmental and Cultural Association (portuguese AACC) and Projeto Raízes, with the support of the Municipal Council of Boticas, Iberdrola and Ecomuseu de Barroso. This year the Boticas […]

Hillfort of Sapelos Cultural Heritage

The opening of the classification procedure of the Hillfort of Sapelos, a fortified settlement inserted in the Terva Valley Archaeological Park (TVAP), in the municipality of Boticas, was yesterday (April 22) published in Diário da República (DR). The mayor of Boticas, Fernando Queiroga, told the Lusa news agency that the classification of this hillfort “is […]

Chiado Museum opens branch in Chaves

The branch will be installed in the Museum of Contemporary Art Nadir Afonso – MACNA, in the city of Chaves, a cultural equipment inaugurated in July of 2016 that honors the artist from Trás-os-Montes, and that was designed by the architect Siza Vieira.   The National Museum of Contemporary Art of Chiado – MNAC, founded […]

Boticas hosted junior Kung Fu tournament

The Boticas Municipal Pavilion hosted last Saturday, April 6, the Kung Fu Junior Tournament – Galaico Warrior, an event organized by the Boticas Kung Fu Practitioners Club, with the support of the City Hall and the Arts Association Martial Yang Portugal. A different afternoon gathered around five dozen children representing five Martial Arts schools, including […]

Exhibition Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas

The exhibition “Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas”, held in 2018 in parallel to the “International Symposium: Cultural Interactions and Landscapes in Change in Europe (2nd century BC / 2nd century AD)”, is back in the “Partners Week 2019” – Mine Route and Points of Interest for the Mining and Geology of Portugal. The exhibition shows, […]

Boticas advances with Barroso Nature Observation Center

The Boticas Municipality will apply 278 thousand euros at the Barroso Nature Observation Center, which aims to create more pedestrian paths, a birding shelter and the recovery of a dam on the Beça river. Boticas Mayor Fernando Queiroga told Lusa yesterday that the project aims to improve the conditions of visitation of Boticas Parque – […]

Half a million euros for traditional irrigation

In the framework of the National Irrigation Program, the Ministry of Agriculture approved a set of rehabilitation projects for traditional irrigation in the six municipalities that comprise the Alto Tâmega Intermunicipal Community (portuguese CIM-AT) area, in an investment of around four million euros. Of this share, a little more than half a million euros (€ […]

Boticas received 2360 trees

Following the different applications presented by the Municipal Council of Boticas to the Common Forest Program, the Council received 2360 trees to reforest the parishes of Alturas Barroso and Cerdedo, Ardãos and Bobadela, Boticas and Granja, Codessoso, Curros and Fiães do Tâmega, Covas do Barroso, Dornelas, Pinho, Sapiãos and Vilar and Viveiro. The species, 160 […]

XXI Pork Gastronomic Fair

The XXI (21) Pork Gastronomic Fair will be held on January 11, 12 and 13, 2019. An event with a great significance for the local economy, especially for those who continue to create the pork and make sausages in the traditional way. In the fair, which attracts thousands of people every year, it will be […]

Inaugurated new exhibition at Nadir Afonso Arts Center

The Nadir Afonso Arts Center hosted last Wednesday, December 5, on the anniversary of the birth of the painter, the inauguration of the exhibition “Nadir Afonso – Nadir in the Cities”. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the curator of the exhibition, Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, the president of the Nadir Afonso Foundation, Laura Afonso, […]