Anjos August 13

At Largo da Senhora da Livração in Boticas at 10:30 p.m. Free entrance.   Photography: DR

Calema August 2

In Boticas Parque, under the FestInVale (Youth Festival of Boticas). Starting at 22h00, free entrance.   Photography: DR  

Film shot in Bostofrio present in 3 more international festivals

After the Film Festival of Rennes, it will be the turn of Montevideo, Belgrade and Chisinau, to watch “Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre”, by Paulo Carneiro. A film shot in Bostofrio, a small village in the county of Boticas. It is from there that comes the family of Paulo Carneiro (habitual collaborator of […]

Exhibition Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas April 9 to 30

The exhibition “Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas”, held in 2018 in parallel to the “International Symposium: Cultural Interactions and Landscapes in Change in Europe (2nd century BC / 2nd century AD)”, is back in the “Partners Week 2019” – Mine Route and Points of Interest for the Mining and Geology of Portugal. The exhibition will […]

“Stories of the Little Red” February 23

Filandorra Teatro do Nordeste presents: “Stories of the Little Red” by Bento da Cruz February 22 at the Montalegre Municipal Auditorium 15h00 Antestreia (schools) 21h30 National debut February 23 at 21h30 in the Municipal Auditorium of Boticas. O Teatro e as Serras – Polo de Criação Serra do Barroso   SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Ecomuseum of Barroso – Espaço Padre Fontes

The Espaço Padre Fontes (Father Fontes Space) is one of the constituent poles of the project Ecomuseu de Barroso, constituted by several poles scattered territorially by the municipalities of Boticas and Montalegre. Its aim is to provide a perception of the unique identity of each place and of the various forms that the inhabitants of […]

Entrudo Chocalheiro from 2 to 5 March

Caretos de Podence In Podence, on the days of Carnival, the Caretos appear in magotes, from all the places, traveling the village in rampant races, in a fantastic and fascinating climate, full of seduction and mystery. Nobody can keep them indifferent.   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Ritual Masks of Portugal from January 8 to February 27

The exhibition “Mascaras Rituais de Portugal (Ritual Masks of Portugal)” is on display until February 27, at the Ecomuseu de Barroso – espaço padre Fontes, in Montalegre. Composed of several dozens of masks and accessories used in festive rituals of the Roberto Afonso Collection. Learn more here.   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION