“Stories of the Little Red” February 23

Filandorra Teatro do Nordeste presents: “Stories of the Little Red” by Bento da Cruz February 22 at the Montalegre Municipal Auditorium 15h00 Antestreia (schools) 21h30 National debut February 23 at 21h30 in the Municipal Auditorium of Boticas. O Teatro e as Serras – Polo de Criação Serra do Barroso   SUGGEST CORRECTION  

2º Tour of Trilhos de Barroso | 4x4s | February, 24

PROGRAM 09h00 Breakfast 10h00 Start of the tour 13h00 Lunch break 15h00 Obstacle Course 20h00 Dinner The participants are responsible for the ride. Registration (35 wheels per person) in the MR BAR or through the telephones 936 612 172 or 914 175 902. Organization MR BAR Restaurante Casa de Vilar   Photography: Illustrative image – […]

Carnival of Boticas 3 and 5 of March

Carnival Boticas 2019 Get to know the program here Organization: Junta de Freguesia de Boticas e Granja com o apoio da Câmara Municipal   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Traditional slaughter of the pig | Bobadela February 10

At the headquarters of the Association PROGRAM 09h00 Concentration near the headquarters of the Association 09h30 Start of the slaughter of the pig 13h00 Lunch 15h00 Animation 18h00 Snack   Registration until February 5 (free for members). Contacts for registration: Sapiãos: 962 635 753 Bobadela: 962 743 225 Nogueira: 965 028 091 Joint organization of […]

Entrudo Chocalheiro from 2 to 5 March

Caretos de Podence In Podence, on the days of Carnival, the Caretos appear in magotes, from all the places, traveling the village in rampant races, in a fantastic and fascinating climate, full of seduction and mystery. Nobody can keep them indifferent.     www.caretosdepodence.pt   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Feast of St. Brás February 3

Religious celebration in the village of Beça at 12.00, followed by procession and lunch. Remember the 2018 edition here.   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Sabores de Chaves from February 1 to 3

No Pavilhão Municipal The gastronomic event that Chaves promotes annually, occupies a prominent place in the gastronomy of the North region of the country. There are fourteen consecutive years of promotion of typical flavours flavors, through the exhibition, sale and tasting of the different local products.   Photography: TR SUGGEST CORRECTION  

Table of S. Sebastião January 20

On January 20, one of the most important community celebrations of the county will be held. The Table of S. Sebastião (St. Sebastian) or the Feast of the Papas, as it was initially known. A celebration that already counts on two centuries and that attracts to the village of Vila Grande of Dornelas hundreds of people. […]