The oxen fight

It is believed that the ritual of the oxen fight (chegas de bois), is linked to the belief that the Greek god Dionisio could...

Traditional smoked meats

The next day, or two days after the killing of the pig, in the warmer lands, the pig is cut and the meat is...

The Hillforts of Boticas

In the space corresponding to the current Municipality of Boticas, created as part of the administrative-territorial reform of 1836, there is archaeological evidence of...

The killing of the pig

The killing of the pig is of great importance in the annual cycle of agricultural and festive tasks, as it is both a productive...

Os Fornos do Povo

Existem atualmente 36 fornos do povo, repartidos por 35 aldeias, ainda em funcionamento. Todas as freguesias do concelho, exceto Boticas, possuem pelo menos um...


There are many festivities that take place throughout the year in the county. What we generically designate as Festivities, assumes in practice, a variety...

The honey of Barroso

The production of honey has always had great importance in the county. This is evidenced by material evidence such as a large dorna, located...


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The Mills

In the municipality of Boticas there are about 240 water mills built with the purpose of guaranteeing the intensive grinding of all the rye...

Tourism Interactive Store

In the store you will find a table with an interactive map where some of the tourist attractions of the county are located. With...
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