“Trilho do Guerreiro” (Warrior Trail) privileges the passage on public, traditional and old paths, passing by Vilar village, goes by Beça River, it crosses Beça River foals, then passes the “Castro do Outeiro Lesenho” (Outeiro Lesenho “Castro” hillfort) and finally runs the “Mamoa de Chã do Lesenho” (megalithic funerary monument).

Burial Mound of Chã do Lesenho. Photo TR/VB

It has a total length of 16.2 km and is circular, having its beginning and end in “Boticas Parque – Natureza & Biodiversidade”. The route follows the right bank of Beça River and goes to Vilar village, then heads to “Castro do Outeiro Lesenho”, classified as a Public Interest Property. It is a fortified settlement that accommodated in a hill about 1070 m of altitude, having been occupied from the Iron Age until the Roman Period. Here one will find a replica of one of the four original granite statues of the Galaic Warrior, currently visible at the National Archaeological Museum in Lisbon. Continuously, the Route rediscovers the right bank of the Beça River until it returns to “Boticas Parque – Natureza & Biodiversidade”.

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SOURCEMunicipality of Boticas