The short distance walking trail “Trilho de Covas do Barroso” is a circular pedestrian trail that starts and ends in the village of Covas do Barroso, near the information panel located near the community oven, a communal facility that played an important role in the village community, as a meeting place during the evenings and also as a shelter for the poor, beggars and pilgrims passing through the village. Heading southwards, the trail passes near the church of Santa Maria, a building classified as ‘Public Interest Property’, where the tomb of Afonso Anes Barroso, squire of King Afonso I, is located. The trail continues towards the village of Romaínho, between fields of mountain meadows and passing by several well-preserved windmills, some of which are still working. Along this trail, it can be seen various water canals used to irrigate the meadows and vegetable gardens.

Church of Santa Maria of Covas. Photo TR/VB

On arriving in Romaínho, the trail continues through the streets of the village, passing close to the chapel of São José. Heading north, the trail enters rural territory again, passing the village of Muro which, due to its name, was probably a hillfort Crossing the brook of Lamais, there is a deviation which allows you to visit the ‘Olhar do Guerreiro’ GIHAS Territorial Observatory, from where you can enjoy the fauna, flora and ancestral agricultural systems that raised this outstanding landscape to Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), a classification assigned by FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization. The return to the village of Covas do Barroso is made following the direction of Jaco’s linen watermill and heading towards the slopes of Sombra mountain, now going through more mountainous paths until the Pedreira watermills, on the left bank of the Covas River. Continuing along the foothills of Sombra mountain, the short distance walking trail ends near its initial panel, in the village centre, where an outstanding Byzantine stone cross stands, since 1776, in the Cruzeiro square.

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