“Rota das Levadas” (“Levadas” Route) has a total length of 13.3 km and it is circular, having its beginning and its end in “Boticas Parque – Natureza & Biodiversidade”. The route begins by following the left bank of the “Beça River” and then, crossing it, follows the right bank where it crosses the cultivated land of the alluvial plain. It goes to the village of “Carvalhelhos”, famous for its mineral and thermal waters from “Serra do Barroso” (Barroso Mountains), which are suitable for eliminating toxins and have beneficial elements for the skin, the digestive tract, the kidneys, for allergies, for rheumatism and hypertension. After passing the “Amores fountain”, the route goes to “Castro de Carvalhelhos” (Carvalhelhos “Castro” hillfort), also known as the “Moorish Castle”, classified as a Public Interest Property. It is a well-preserved fortified settlement that had been occupied throughout the Iron Age, the Roman Period and the Suevo-Visigothic age.

Hillfort of Carvalhelhos. Photo TR/VB

Then, the Route passes by the Chapel of “Senhor dos Milagres” (Lord of Miracles) and returns to find the right bank of Beça River until the walker reaches “Boticas Parque – Natureza & Biodiversidade”.

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SOURCEMunicipality of Boticas