Last October 2nd, Visit Boticas was present at the harvest of the Vinho dos Mortos (wine of the dead), an event that is also a party and celebrates a wine that needs no introduction in the region.

The story goes that during the second French invasion of Portugal, the people of the current municipality of Boticas, afraid that they would be robbed of their belongings, hid what they could, including the wine, which was buried in the cellar floor, under the barrels and presses.

a testimony of the ingenuity and resilience of the locals that has has survived to the present day

Later, when they recovered the goods, they discovered that the wine had acquired unexpected properties. A wine with low alcohol content and some gas, the result of a natural fermentation process during the time it was buried and whose conservation was benefited by the constant temperature and the absence of light. Because it was buried, it received the name of Wine of the Dead.

The Vinho dos Mortos is a testimony of the ingenuity and resilience of the people of the Barroso that has survived to the present day.

Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues is a graphic designer and art editor at UMinho Editora. He founded Visit Boticas in 2017, where he performs various functions, from management and editorial direction, to design and production of content.

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