Group of speleologists visited gallery in the Mines of Limarinho

Gallery at Mines of Limarinho. Photo CMB

The Group of Speleology and Mountaineering (Portuguese GEM) that in 2020 visited the Terva Valley Archaeological Park (TVAP) to proceed to the identification of some wells and underground galleries, resulting from the auriferous exploration of Roman times, was recently at the Mines of Limarinho, with the objective of understanding the configuration and access limitations to a gallery.

Vertical well. Photo CMB

The visit resulted in the topographic survey and the photographic record of the gallery’s interior, sent by the team of speleologists to the Town Hall of Boticas with a detailed report of the operation, which will allow the municipality to understand if there is a possibility of making one of the many underground galleries existing in the TVAP visitable.

SOURCETown Hall of Boticas