Boticas Parque receives 250 thousand euros

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Following the work that has been developed in Boticas Parque – Nature and Biodiversity (BNB), as municipal equipment of high natural, environmental and tourism value, the Municipality of Boticas will invest around 250 thousand euros in the valorisation and creation of infrastructures that allow to increase the tourism offer, taking advantage of the endogenous resources existing in the Municipality.

The investment in Boticas Parque and the surrounding area will allow the creation of two new trails, one via Ferrata, next to the Observatory of the Territory GIAHS/SIPAM – Teto do Mundo (Roof of the World), a new arborism route and also a sensorial garden.

In addition, the requalification of the Pedagogical Farm will also be promoted, through interventions that contemplate, among other actions of maintenance and valorization of the biodiversity of the park, the creation of a biological garden.

In order to boost and diversify the tourism options of the Municipality, investments will also be made in other municipal facilities, namely in the Boticas Adventure Park, by adapting a building in order to guarantee the necessary conditions to receive groups that participate in the activities developed in this park, thus making up for the lack of accommodation on site.

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