Cláudia Pires, Sofia Porfírio and Telmo Marinho, are the athletes that Boticas Hotel Art & SPA has supported in the last years and who were recently honoured with the placement of photographs in the hotel’s gymnasium, of which they are regulars.

Sofia Porfírio is a well-known name in the demanding world of motor sport. In 2019, she took 4th place in the National Trial Championship in 2020, 9th place in the World Trial Championship and 4th place in the National Trial Championship in Spain.

Photo Bruno Mota/Boticas Hotel Art & SPA

Telmo Marinho has been a regular presence in international competitions, serving the national team, has participated in European and world championships in Kung-Fu and also in the Pankration World Championship, having been ranked 3rd in Europe and in the top 10 in the world.

Cláudia Pires is a two-time national champion and regional champion in the combat sport known as Sanda. She is a collaborator of Boticas Hotel and well known for her wonderful treatments, therapies and well-being rituals.

The next time you visit the Boticas Hotel Art & SPA, don’t be surprised if you find them training.