At the top of the Hillfort of Couto dos Corvos, overlooking the left bank of the Rabagão River, one benefits from a stunning landscape, from the Larouco and Gerês mountains, in the north and northwest, to the Cabreira and Marão mountains, in the south.

It is one of the most prominent reliefs in the region, dominating the wide valley of the middle course of the Rabagão River, an authentic balcony for the commonly known Pisões Dam or Alto Rabagão Dam, the second largest dam in the country. The high altitude at which this settlement is located (approx. 1200 m) makes it an excellent viewpoint of the Barroso region.

Cornos das Alturas. Photo TR/VB

Couto dos Corvos, and its neighbor, Couto do Sudro (on the left side of the image), constitute the so called Cornos das Alturas (High Horns), which, in Barroso’s plateau landscape, are the orographic reference that identifies the region.

The viewpoint is part of the GIAHS Observatory Network.

The Teto do Mundo (Roof of the World) Viewpoint is part of the GIAHS Observatory Network – Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, implemented in the Barroso region in the municipalities of Boticas and Montalegre.


The Teto do Mundo viewpoint is located in the municipality of Boticas, 19 km (25 minutes by car) from the county seat via R311 (towards Salto) and M520.

GPS coordinates: 41.714417, -7.827056

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