Here we understand why the Barroso region was classified as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. A dazzling landscape of meadows, rocks and hills, interspersed with small streams of crystalline water, where animals and shepherds wander in harmony. Here you can breathe the pure mountain air.

In the distance, one can see the iconic silhouette of the Outeiro Lesenho hill, crowned by the hillfort of the same name, which rises to 1078 metres in altitude, dominating a wide landscape that covers practically the entire municipality of Boticas.

The viewpoint is part of the GIAHS Observatory Network.

The Segredo do Barroso (Barroso Secret) Viewpoint is part of the GIAHS Observatory Network – Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, implemented in the Barroso region in the municipalities of Boticas and Montalegre.


The Segredo do Barroso viewpoint is located in the municipality of Boticas, 24 km (31 minutes by car) from the county seat via R311 (towards Salto) and M520 (towards Carvalhelhos).

GPS coordinates: 41.662389, -7.820861

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