Modern and contemporary art, archaeology, biology and ethnography, are some of the areas available in the different cultural facilities of the municipality, all with free entrance. Check out the most popular ones here.

In Boticas all cultural equipment has free entrance.

Nadir Afonso Arts Center

Nadir Afonso Arts Center. Photo Fernando Guerra/Nadir Afonso Foundation

Inaugurated in 2013, the Nadir Afonso Arts Center is the result of a partnership between the Town Hall of Boticas and the Nadir Afonso Foundation.

The partnership between the two entities allows the botiquenses, in particular, and all visitors to Boticas, in general, to enjoy part of the estate of the painter’s family and also part of the Foundation’s collection.

European Center for Documentation and Interpretation of Iron Age Sculpture


The Center (Portuguese CEDIEC) aims to promote archaeological excavation and research work, with a special focus on the Hillfort of Outeiro Lesenho and other congeners who, articulated in a network, can clarify the essential parameters of the cultural development of the indigenous communities of the peninsular West.


Rural Museum of Boticas

Rural Museum of Boticas. Photo TR/VB

Next do CEDIEC, the Rural Museum of Boticas, is one of the constituent poles of the project Ecomuseu de Barroso, constituted by several poles scattered territorially by the municipalities of Boticas and Montalegre.

Its aim is to provide a perception of the unique identity of each place and of the various forms that the inhabitants of Barroso have had and must interact with their territorial and cultural environment.

House Museum Quinta do Cruzeiro

House Museum Quinta do Cruzeiro. Photo TR/VB

The Quinta do Cruzeiro house, was once part of a larger agrarian structure, composed of dispersed casais (rural property), who served to support the owners and staff. Of this agrarian structure only the land adjacent to the house remains today.

By going through the different spaces you can get to know some aspects of the social life of the house and work in the farm and in the village of Covas do Barroso.

Terva Valley Archaeological Park Interpretive Center


The TVAP is an archaeological park with a continuous geographical character, which integrates a set of cultural and natural values, which are relevant and representative resources of the different landscapes that have formed in the territory, incorporating visitation infrastructures, such as the Interpretive Center, in Bobadela, interpreted circuits and observation platforms for heritage resources.

The Interpretive Center (TVAPIC), located in the village of Bobadela, is the entrance to the TVAP – the exhibition contents make the bridge to the landscape and heritage in loco, proposed through visitation routes.

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Tiago Rodrigues

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