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The difficulty scale of the routes is, naturally, subjective, and it is up to the participants to know if they meet the physical, clinical and mental conditions necessary for their accomplishment.


Accessible to those who are used to hiking. The route takes place on mostly flat and/or slightly uneven terrain, without major technical and physical difficulties. There may be some slightly longer gaps and distances, but generally accessible to most people.

Accessible to those who, despite not having great physical preparation, are in good health and used to hiking. Along the way, some steeper slopes and areas where the floor is more difficult and/or bumpy may be found. In some hikes the distances to cover may be longer.

For these hikes some prior experience is required and participants should be in good physical shape. Along the way, participants may find steep slopes and areas with more difficult and/or rough terrain, with greater technical difficulty. The duration of the hike is longer.