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Wear clothing suitable for the season and comfortable shoes (that adhere to different types of flooring), hat and sunglasses.

Even in hot weather it is recommended to wear pants to avoid allergies caused by some dense vegetation and insect bites.

In summer temperatures can reach extremely high values ​​so avoid walking too long and in the hottest hours. In winter, some sections are often flooded, and in some cases there is no way around them, so it is recommended to bring extra shoes to change at the end of the hike.

Bring a backpack with a bottle of water (one liter or more), sunscreen, insect repellent (essential with the heat!), Some food (sandwiches, juices, chocolates, fruit) and a trash bag.

Canes can be particularly useful for checking the condition of the terrain in poor visibility as well as for clearing some thicker vegetation. They also serve as a deterrent if you come across a less sympathetic dog.

Avoid walking alone and always bring your mobile phone (charged) with you.