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With a surprising diversity of landscapes, this route combines natural heritage with some of the most interesting archaeological heritage left by Roman occupation in the Terva River Upper Valley.

In this 13 km circular hike, with the beginning and end at the village of Bobadela (next to TVAPIC), you will get to know the mining settlement of Batocas, the Alto da Abobeleira aqueduct, the Bobadela heaps, the Limarinho, Poço das Freitas and Brejo extraction areas, numerous mouths of galleries and wells in a landscape cut by trenches and dominated by oak groves.

Name Gold Route
Route type Circular
Modality Pedestriane
Point of departure and arrival Village of Bobadela
Signaling No
Extension 13 km / In stone, earth and asphalt
Approximate duration 3,5 h
Difficulty Moderate
Recommended age Over 12
Cumulative elevation 361 m

Download the GPS navigation data (GPX file) and the brochure (PDF) with useful information here.

Last check of the route status on 08/11/2019. Notes: The section that precedes Alto da Borragem (point 11) has some denser vegetation but it is possible to cross. Be aware of clearings and trampled vegetation. Watch out for the slippery moss on the rocks.