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This 11 km circular route, beginning and ending in the village of Bobadela (next to TVAPIC), connects the Brejo lagoon, the result of an old open-pit mining operation, to Contenda castle, a testimony of the first efforts to organize the territory in the days of the County of Portugal period.

Along the path that winds through the Leiranco mountain, crossing some of the water lines that will feed the Brejo brook and the Bobadela water mills, there is also the hillfort of Brejo, which, given its proximity, is believed to correspond to a mining settlement.

Above 900 meters above sea level, the hillfort of Nogueira, located on a spur of the mountain, invites you to stop for a view.

You will also get to know the ancient rock carvings of Barrenhas, believed to be part of the so-called Atlantic Rock Art. A symbolic manifestation identified from the Vouga River to the British Isles and that is generally recognized to have been produced by the communities that occupied the territory between the 4th and 1st millennium BC.

Name Castle Route
Route type Circular
Modality Pedestriane
Point of departure and arrival Village of Bobadela
Signaling No
Extension 11 km / In stone, earth and asphalt
Approximate duration 3 h
Difficulty Moderate
Recommended age Over 12
Cumulative elevation 428 m

Download the GPS navigation data (GPX file) and the brochure (PDF) with useful information here.

Last check of the route status on 15/08/2020.