Boticas Hotel Art & SPA launches exclusive menu with hamburgers and pregos

Modern, Surreal, Geometric, Baroque, Egyptian, Espacillimité, Original and Anthropomorphic are the names of the six hamburgers and two pregos (steak sandwiches) that you can taste in the new menu launched by Boticas Hotel Art & SPA, after the success of the ‘Carne Barrosã’ hamburger in Caco cake.

The beef and veal burgers are from ‘Carne Barrosã’ DOP (portuguese Protected Designation of Origin) meat.

The burgers and pregos are accompanied with homemade potatoes, or salad, a sauce of choice (ketchup, garlic mayonnaise or mustard with honey and sesame) and a glass drink (soda or beer). All for the friendly price of 8 euros. Delicious!

The burgers and pregos can be tasted between 11am and 7pm.


Rua Gomes Monteiro, 5
5460-304 Boticas

Tel.: (+351) 276 414 330


Visit Boticas / 07/06/2019 / Photography: Boticas Hotel Art & SPA