Visit Boticas closes on November 20

Visit Boticas is the first Portal of Tourism and Leisure of Boticas. It provides free and useful information constantly updated through thematic publications, databases and news content. Its objective is to promote the territory, services and products in a perspective of local sustainable development.

Visit Boticas is an independent project. It does not receive any kind of financial support, public or private, depending exclusively on the revenues from the sale of advertising and the will of its contributors.

Unfortunately, the revenues are not enough for the expenses and given the lack of interest in the project we are forced to close the site.

We believe that Boticas is an extraordinary municipality with a lot to offer and that such a project makes sense. But a project of this kind can not only exist from the will of its contributors (and its resources).

The site closes on November 20, the date of the end of the commitments made with our advertisers to whom we thank the support during the two years of existence of VB.


Tiago Rodrigues
Administration and Editorial Edition