Film shot in Bostofrio present in 3 more international festivals

After the Film Festival of Rennes, it will be the turn of Montevideo, Belgrade and Chisinau, to watch “Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre”, by Paulo Carneiro. A film shot in Bostofrio, a small village in the county of Boticas. It is from there that comes the family of Paulo Carneiro (habitual collaborator of João Viana and assistant of realization of Our Madness).

The film, which was awarded at the 24th edition of the Caminhos do Cinema Português festival with the Press prize, is composed of a series of interviews, both intimate and fun, in which the director himself is involved in the action and questions the inhabitants (many of them relatives) about who he was, and how he was, his grandfather. In this investigation, which simultaneously observes the gestures of labor as it draws in the language of the people, the veil of a rurality still full of secrets and half truths rises.

Bostofrio will be the Portuguese representative at the European Cinema Week in Porto.

Paulo Carneiro’s film was honored with an honorable mention at the IndieLisboa premiere last May and the best Portuguese documentary at the Melgaço Documentary Festival in August.


Visit Boticas / 19/04/2019 / Photography: TR