Exhibition Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas

The exhibition “Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas”, held in 2018 in parallel to the “International Symposium: Cultural Interactions and Landscapes in Change in Europe (2nd century BC / 2nd century AD)”, is back in the “Partners Week 2019” – Mine Route and Points of Interest for the Mining and Geology of Portugal.

The exhibition shows, 21 fortified settlements, all of which with ruins of defensive walls, buildings in the interior platforms and ceramics. Some of these could be from previous period, perhaps from the Bronze Age, as evidenced by some handmade ceramics and the findings of bronze pieces (Castro do Brejo), while others had a wide occupation range, seeming to have lasted until the time of the Suevo-Visigothic domain.

The fortified settlements of Boticas are a cluster of high patrimonial value and of great scientific interest, offering extensive possibilities of valorisation. Its protection, conservation and valorisation have been a priority of the Municipality, through the integration of some of them in the Network of Hillforts of the Northwest, namely of the hillforts of Lesenho and Sapelos, the latter still in appreciation.

The exhibition will be showcased at the Interpretation Center of the Terva Valley Archaeological Park, in the village of Bobadela, from 9 to 30 April.


Visit Boticas / 26/03/2019 / Source: Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho 2018, Catálogo da exposição paralela ao “Simpósio Internacional: Interações Culturais e Paisagens em Mudança na Europa (séc. 2º a.C. / séc. 2º d.C.)”, Braga. / Photography: Exhibition Iron Age Hillforts of Boticas 2018 – TR