50 reasons to visit Covas do Barroso

Going up and down mountains, or strolling through the villages, discovering Covas do Barroso is a unique experience.

In Covas, it is still nature that dictates the rules by which men and animals rule. The gestures depend on the pulsar of the earth and the routine is imposed by the natural cycles. Time seems to flow for a long time, without haste.

Covas do Barroso is a great destination for Nature Tourism. The importance of its natural, landscape, historical and cultural values ​​are very evident to those who visit the three villages that form the parish of Covas do Barroso. Covas, Romainho and Wall.

From Alto do Castro, overlooking the three villages, it benefits from one of the 10 most spectacular views of Boticas.

Importance recognized with the Declaration of the Barroso Region as World Agricultural Heritage by the FAO, an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Going through Covas do Barroso is to travel in simplicity, in the midst of a unique rural environment, which still remains pure and unrelated to the routine confusion of large urban centers.


Visit Boticas / 15/12/2018 / Photography: TR