There are many festivities that take place throughout the year in the county. What we generically designate as Festivities, assumes in practice, a variety of forms: communal meal, or just distribution of bread and wine to the faithful; religious celebration, usually followed by a procession with the image of the saint around the church/ chapel; religious celebration followed by a procession with several andores and a strong profane component, with popular arraiais (parties); or festivals that usually are limited to religious celebrations.

Feast of St. Sebastian in Vila Grande. Photo TR/VB

Community meals and festivities in which bread and wine are distributed take place in the winter. In January in honor of S. Sebastião (Alturas do Barroso, Atilho, Cerdedo, Vila Grande and Viveiro) and in February, in honor of S. Brás (Beça). Except for the Carolo de Santo António, in Covas do Barroso, which takes place in the spring.

It is at the end of spring and during the summer that the great majority of the festivities take place, generally in honor of the patron of each one of the localities.

Great parts of the festivities that take place in the month of June are dedicated to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of animals. These are the celebration of a Mass, in honor of that saint, at the end of which the auction of the offerings of the faithful is carried out, reverting the money to the saint. In Atilhó to the religious celebration, it follows the blessing of the cattle.

Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Boticas. Photo TR/VB

The month of August is the month in which more festivities take place. With the return of the emigrants, who by this time fill the villages with life.

Source: Câmara Municipal de Boticas 2006, Preservação dos Hábitos Comunitários nas Aldeias do Concelho de Boticas, Boticas.