Ox Fight Tournament 2018

In the Ox Fight Arena

(next to the football field of Boticas)


February 13
1st fight

Louro from Sérgio Gonçalves (Viveiro) VS Joka Pião from Domingos Domingues (Bostofrio)

16h00 2nd fight
Molato from Domingos Barreto (Vila Grande) VS Bonito from Mário Jorge Matias (Quintas)

16h30 3rd fight
Shibaura from Gil Chaves (Bostofrio) VS Tobias from Carlos Alberto Rocha (Muro)

June 1 | Semi finals
17h30 4th fight
Winner of 1st fight VS winner of 2nd fight

18h00 5th fight
Winner of the 3rd fight VS ‘fish out’


August 17 | 3rd and 4th places
18h00 6th fight
Defeated from the 4th fight VS defeated from the 5th fight

18h30 Final 7th fight
Winner of the 4th fight VS winner of the 5th fight


Organization: É Barroso (Association of Ox Fights of Boticas) with the support of the City Council.


Photography: CMB