Terms and Conditions

1. Intellectual Property

The content of the Visit Boticas portal can not be copied, modified or distributed without express authorization, except for exceptions allowed by law, namely the right of citation, provided that its origin is clearly identified.

This portal also contains texts, illustrations and photographs duly licensed by its authors and can not be copied, altered or distributed except with the express authorization of the same. Visit Boticas rejects any responsibility for the usurpation and misuse of the aforementioned elements.

The existing contents are produced by internal and external sources, so the portal Visit Boticas is not responsible for the lack of updating and/or imprecision of this information.

Any links to the Visit Boticas portal using framing or in-line linking technique are formally prohibited.

2. Comment on Visit Boticas

Making comments on Visit Boticas implies acceptance of rules of civility and respect for others.

Messages whose content is contrary to law or offensive are not allowed. It is prohibited:
– Incitement to racial hatred and calls for violence
– Pornography and obscenities
– Insults between participants

Visit Boticas also does not allow:
– The diffusion of advertising messages
– The sale of products or services
– Replaying similar content messages
– Links to other sites and/or file attachments
– The creation by the participants of polls or polls

The comments are moderated by the portal that, in applying the indicated rules of conduct, reserves the right to suppress comments in whole or in part and temporarily or definitively ban those who offend them in a flagrant and/or systematic way.

The comments of the participants are solely responsible for their authors, and the Visit Boticas portal can not be held responsible for its content.

3. Visit Boticas Routes

The routes data is licensed for the exclusive use of the downloader, and may not be rented, sold to third parties or made commercially by guides or other entities under any conditions, unless previously agreed.

By conducting a Visit Boticas Route, it assumes that it meets the physical, clinical and mental conditions necessary to perform it and is aware of the difficulty and technical characteristics of the route to be taken.

The existence of personal accident and liability insurance to cover the risks associated with the practice of the route is the sole responsibility of the person who carries out the route.

Visit Boticas declines any responsibility for any accidents/incidents that may occur during the route.

Visit Boticas is not responsible for the state of conservation of the paths/roads.