Hill-fort of Sapelos Route

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In this 8 km hike, in a circular route, starting and arriving in the village of Bobadela (next to the TVAPIC), you will be able to visit one of the most impressive fortified settlements of the Terva River Upper Valley, the Hill-fort of Sapelos (Castro).

On the way, lined by agricultural fields, to the lagoon of the Terva river, you can glimpse the impressive defensive system of the castro, consisting of three lines of walls and a complex of moats visible several kilometers away.

From the lagoon, the route follows the road N103 to the dirt road that gives access to the promontory of the castro, from where it benefits from a breathtaking view over the Terva River Upper Valley.

the road, on the right side, you can see numerous nests of Barrier Swallows built in tunnels on a sandy slope.

The return to Bobadela is made by the colorful village of Sapelos, where we recommend you to enjoy some of its heritage. We highlight the Chapel of Santo Amaro, the pillory, a carral door and two original diving fountains.


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Type of route Circular
Modality Pedestrian
Point of departure and arrival Village of Bobadela
Distance 8 km / In dirt, asphalt and stone
Approximate duration 2,5h
Difficulty Low
Recommended age Older than 12
Elevation gain 232 m


The suggested route is not signalized so it is recommended to use a GPS navigation system or guide.

The data for GPS navigation will be available at the Visit Boticas Shop in the near future.