Interpretive Visits and Routes

Visit the Boticas Parque and enjoy a natural space of excellence. The interpretive visit is accompanied by a guide that covers the main points of interest of the park: the water mill, the pedrinha Bridge, the wealth of the Beça river, the agricultural fields, the pedagogical farm, the truticulture and fishing park of the Grass, The butterfly, the amphibian tank and the traditional oven.

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You can also complete your visit with a tasting of regional products. Barroso’s honey, smokemeat, meat ball bread and rye bread are some of the region’s products of excellence.

You can also complete your visit with a tasting of regional products.

The main purpose of the itineraries is to rekindle memories of traditions that have been lost in time, and to know what is best in the municipality of Boticas.

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The PARK offers several itineraries that can be customized according to the objectives of the visitors.

Environmental Education

The Boticas Parque is an ideal nature preservation area to carry out environmental education actions. Intending to awaken and sensitize visitors through a set of actions adapted to each public: school programs, associations, families, the elderly, among others. The space has an environmental laboratory where scientific experiments can be developed and an auditorium for pedagogical-environmental workshops.

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Bicycle and Ecokart

The natural landscape of the Boticas Park and surrounding areas invite you to take a bike ride. For visitors who like sports and adventure the park has a set of bikes that can be rented.

The ecokart park ride is a sporting activity that allows children to get to know the park in an adventurous and fun way.

Sport fishing

The Boticas Parque has a sports fishing tank next to the river Beça where you can fish the famous trout-fario (Salmo trutta), an autochthonous species that is much appreciated in local cuisine.

Next to the tank there is an interpretive center dedicated to the river Beça and an esplanade with a small bar.

More information on these and other activities here.


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