Wire Bridge

The bridge, suspended in wire and wood, allows the pedestrian crossing over the River Tâmega, linking Veral in the municipality of Boticas, to Monteiros in the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

It is planned to move to another location after the completion of the construction of the Alto Tâmega dam, so you should hurry if you want to get to know this little paradise, isolated, where the river is still flowing, and the bird’s eye view, invite to contemplation.

The route, from the road to the bridge (Veral side), is about 900 meters, with a difference of more than 100 meters in height (remember that, after walking down it, you will have to walk up). There is no mobile network anywhere on the route (nor at the roadside), so be careful and avoid walking alone.


At 20 km (28 minutes by car) from the county seat, route R311 (direction Salto), N312 (direction Ribeira de Pena) and CM1050 (direction village of Veral). After crossing the village and finding a sign facing a dirt road, park your car and follow the remaining 900 meters (distance to the bridge) on foot.