It was in a wet but cheerful environment that about two hundred people took part on March 26 in the first hike of the year organized by the Celtiberus Cultural and Environmental Association.

The hike began in one of the best preserved villages in the whole of Barroso, the village of Vilarinho Seco, where participants could enjoy breakfast with local products and a powerful antibiotic.

The spectacular 11 km course through the Barroso mountains stopped in the village of Bostofrio for a well-deserved reinforcement and followed by Agrelos, before passing through some more demanding stretches that all participants passed distracted by the breathtaking landscape (literally).

After the walk a feijoada was served at the Cultural and Recreational Association of Alturas do Barroso.

The hike was supported by the County Council, the Ecomuseu of Barroso, the local council of Alturas do Barroso and Cerdedo, with the collaboration of the Boticas Volunteer Firefighters and the Cultural and Recreational Association of Alturas do Barroso.



Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues is a graphic designer and art editor at UMinho Editora. He founded Visit Boticas in 2017, where he performs various functions, from management and editorial direction, to design and production of content.