Villages Route


Away from the everyday urban pressures, the past to life at the Terva Valley comes with a different rhythm, time somehow dilates and the feeling of constant delays in reaching destinations merges with the wise tranquillity inherent to everything happening here, to its time and to its space.

The time for remembrance is plentiful. On a very unique time scale where the days seem longer, between the arduous labour and the leisure time, people remember, tell and retell; and this persistence in not forgetting, in bringing the past to the present, enables one to persist and to generate new spaces, new times, new identities and new voices.

In this repetition/ reconstruction of memories one finds the villages of Ardãos, Nogueira, Bobadela, Sapelos and Sapiãos immersed in unique and authentic values, turning the experiences of whoever goes through the life of these villages, even if for a day, unforgettable.



TVAP / Villages Route Located at the foothill of the Pindo Mountain, the village of Ardãos manages one of the broadest agricultural alveolus in the northwest area of the Terva riverhead. Villagers continuously exploit the land as their main economical agro-pastoral resource. Simultaneously, Ardãos is located on the trajectory of an old transport road in […]


TVAP / Villages Route The Bobadela village is located on a small elevation in the eastern foothill of the Leiranco Mountain between meadows, elds and woodlands. Its location on the valley border is intimately related with the agro-forest-pastoral exploitation of the land, a common practice existing in all the Terva River Valley villages. Preserving its […]


TVAP / Villages Route The village of Nogueira is located on the foot-hill of the Leiranco Mountain eastern slope, at around 1km distance from the village of Bobadela, to which it is bounded since the foundation of the municipality of Boticas, in 1836. With very unique shared traditions, the Meadows of the Communal Ox (Lamas […]


TVAP / Villages Route The village of Sapelos is located on the foothill of the Facho Mountain western slope, on the western border of the Terva River Valley, and dominates the wide and fertile agricultural lands on the left margin of the Terva River. On site, two important and ancient transport circuits, coming from Arcos […]


TVAP / Villages Route The village of Sapiãos was established on the foothill of the Leiranco Mountain southern slope fixating the ancient connection between Chaves and Braga through the inner part of the Minho region, via Beça and Cabeçeiras de Basto, on a strategic site equally serving the current connection with Montalegre. The village maintains […]

Maps with the indispensable technical information for the realization of the routes are provided in the Interpretation Center of the TVAP in Bobadela.

Source: Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho 2014, Rotas do Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Terva, Câmara Municipal de Boticas, Boticas. / Photography: TR