Vilarinho Seco is located on the ridge line cut by the drainage basins of the corga (water stream) of Rio to the west, and by the corga of Rebordinho, to the east. The agglomerate is concentrated on the main streets, the surrounding area being occupied by cultivated areas and some small buildings, in support of agricultural and livestock activities, in general, of small size. Enjoy the cluster and rest, sitting in the sunshine of a ladder.

Vilarinho Seco is one of the best preserved villages of Barroso.

Enjoy the agglomeration and relax, sitting on the sunny side of a staircase. Appreciate the cruzeiro cross, the various water fountains where the cattle are refreshed, the village oven, the chapel and small drainage canals opened in the granite, as well as some thatched roofs of the existing rural buildings.

When you leave the village, to the south, come across a small hydraulic mill. The entrance of the water is made by an inclined conduit that impinges on the feathers of the caster, forcing it to rotate. The water goes out to a tank, where the lavatories still persist.


At 22.3 km (35 minutes by car) from Boticas county seat, route R311 (direction Salto) and M520 via Carvalhelhos.

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Source: Associação de Municípios do Alto Tâmega 2007, Atlas/Guia das Rotas do Alto Tâmega, Chaves.