The town stretches along the banks of the Fontão stream, a tributary of the right bank of the Terva river, on a gentle slope facing south. In Boticas begin a leisurely stroll along the banks of the river, a stage for religious commemorations in honor of Our Lady of Deliverance. During these festivals it is customary to place the image of St. Christopher in the water mirror of the brook. According to legend, this saint passed people on shoulders, from one margin to the other.

The NADIR AFONSO ARTS CENTER houses about 80 works by the artist in permanent exhibition. In the same space is located the Store of Interactive Tourism.

Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Boticas. Photo TR/VB

The town’s green spaces are free museums where rural buildings such as granaries, mills and a carral door are displayed, whose functioning only remains alive in the memories of the elderly.

Rural Museum of Boticas. Photo TR/VB

In the town square you will not be indifferent to the replica of the statue of the Galaico or Castrejo warrior, one of the main symbols of Boticas – You can learn more at European Center for Documentation and Interpretation of Castreja Sculpture (Portuguese CEDIEC), about 10 minutes on foot. Next, be sure to visit the Rural Museum. A space where it is intended to preserve and spread the natural, social and cultural heritage of Barroso, showing the full potential of the region.

Source: Associação de Municípios do Alto Tâmega 2007, Atlas/Guia das Rotas do Alto Tâmega, Chaves.