Pousa das Cruzes of Bostofrio

The Pousa das Cruzes (rest of the crosses) is an interesting set of granite outcrops profusely engraved with crosses, of various types and some 18th century dates.

It is located between the villages of Agrelos, Bostofrio and Covas do Barroso, on the fringes of the old road that connected these settlements, precisely in the place where, coming from the first two villages, you begin to descend to Covas.

As the elders remember, the coffins of the dead who were to be buried in the parish church of Santa Maria de Covas do Barroso were “rested” for men to rest and pray.



15.9 km (21 minutes by car) from Boticas county seat, route R311 (direction Salto). In the curve that precedes the crossing to Covas do Barroso park the car and walk about 200 meters, when you find a crossroad, turn right. The site is not flagged.




Source: Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho 2016, Boticas o Espírito dos Lugares, Boticas. / Photography: TR