TVAP / Villages Route

The village of Nogueira is located on the foot-hill of the Leiranco Mountain eastern slope, at around 1km distance from the village of Bobadela, to which it is bounded since the foundation of the municipality of Boticas, in 1836.

With very unique shared traditions, the Meadows of the Communal Ox (Lamas do Boi do Povo)* are auctioned annually or every five years, locally.

To visit São Mamede Chapel, São Caetano Chapel, Communal Furnace.

* Meadows destined to exclusively feed the communal ox.

Source: Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho 2014, Rotas do Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Terva, Câmara Municipal de Boticas, Boticas. / Photography: TR