The agricultural activity in Boticas has a strong rural character, preserving the traditions, which allows to maintain the quality and genuineness of the regional products. Proof of this quality has been the certification and protection of origin of several traditional products harvested or made, contributing to guarantee their authenticity and favoring the development of a local development strategy.

The gastronomic offer is vast and its quality is recognized. The barrosan veal, the famous boiled barrosão, the goat, the stuffed trout, the sausages, the ham, the bread, the meat ball, the folar, the ‘Wine of the Dead’ and the honey of the Barroso.

Emblematic reference of the Portuguese beef cattle, the Carne Barrosã – Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) – fills the tables of the best restaurants and delights those who try them. The animals are raised according to traditional methods. In the morning they leave for the field where they graze freely. In the summer they are collected during the hottest hours and return to the pasture in the late afternoon. The natural pastures, the rituals of treatment and the dedication of the shepherds transfer to the meat the best that Barroso has.


Fumeiro (traditional smokehouse)

Boticas carries an immense variety of certified or certified certification smoke products. For a long time these products are part of the regional food, being produced at the beginning to meet the difficulties of conservation and storage of meat. They are products that are present in numerous traditional dishes.


Gastronomic Fair of the Pig

At the beginning of January the Gastronomic Fair of the Pig is held. With a great significance for the local economy, especially for those who continue to create the pig and make sausages in the traditional way.

In the fair, which attracts thousands of people every year, it is possible to find, in addition to the stands of the producers, several small shops where you can appreciate the local gastronomic specialties, such as stew and feijoada à barrosã, rojões in the pot, rice of ribs and chorizo, the chops of garlic vine, the barrosão broth, various types of smoked, ham and still bread of rye and regionai wines.

The three-day program includes a number of animated acts, such as the famous “Chegas de Bois” (bullfight between oxen).

Câmara Municipal de Boticas; Associação de Municípios do Alto Tâmega 2007, Atlas/ Guia das Rotas do Alto Tâmega, Chaves. / Photography: TR