The Municipality of Boticas is located in Trás-os-Montes, district of Vila Real, in the land of Barroso, World Agricultural Heritage.

Created in the context of the administrative reform of 1836, Boticas has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality of the landscapes that surround the region and is evidenced by the presence of numerous species of animals and plants with conservation status.

The Municipality of Boticas was created in 1836. The word Boticas means place where provisions are kept. The toponymy is probably the result of two or more Boticas that existed on the road that linked Sapiãos to Chaves.

Going through Boticas is to travel to simplicity, in a unique rural environment, which still remains pure and unrelated to the routine confusion of the great urban centers.

Photo TR/VB

Here it is still nature that dictates the rules by which men and animals rule. The gestures depend on the pulsar of the earth and the routine is imposed by the natural cycles. Villagers urge us to question the different ways of life. Here we live differently, the agricultural tasks are still developed with the help of neighbors and the family, in a system of mutual aid. Time seems to flow slowly, unhurriedly.

In the county seat the basic infrastructures are assembled, fundamental to guarantee the quality of life to residents and visitors. With the reduction of communication barriers, both for improving road links and for the advancement of new technologies, being in Boticas is enjoying the tranquility and peace of the rural world, just a step away from the big urban centers.

Source: Associação de Municípios do Alto Tâmega 2007, Atlas/Guia das Rotas do Alto Tâmega, Chaves.