Classified in 1951 as a Property of Public Interest, the Hillfort of Carvalhelhos (Castro) stands on the top of a spur overlooking the Lameiras brook valley, a subsidiary of the Beça river, in the vicinity of the Carvalhelhos springs.

The Hillfort of Carvalhelhos is the most visited Iron Age settlement in the municipality.

Built during the Iron Age, the settlement had a complex fortification system consisting of three walls with double walls covered with granite blocks in the exterior and shale in the interior, complemented by three trenches deeply excavated in the granite outcrop preceded by a field of stones.

It is this first wall line that delimits the entire internal area, in a sub-circular way, where a set of predominantly circular and rectangular housing structures was excavated. Archaeological campaigns conducted over thirty years allowed a large collection to be collected.


Castro de Carvalhelhos is located 9.6 km (18 minutes by car) from Boticas seat, route R311 (direction Salto).

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