Caldas Santas of Carvalhelhos

When entering in Carvalhelhos, an access to the right takes you to the Caldas Santas springs, whose waters are indicated for the treatment of dermatological, renal, intestinal and liver problems.

It is said in the village that a reaper, with her legs in sores, was mowing grass on a field of Carvalhelhos, constantly covered by water that rose from two springs. During the days of the harvest she noticed that the wounds were closed and later disappeared. Soon news spread and several people flocked to experience the water in the treatment of the most varied diseases.

Stroll calmly through the thermal park, ennobled by lush vegetation and cut by a water line. You can sample the local waters during the bathing season. The inn and the bathhouses are closed.



At 8.8 km (16 minutes by car) from the county seat via R311 (direction Salto) and M520.

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Source: Associação de Municípios do Alto Tâmega 2007, Atlas/ Guia das Rotas do Alto Tâmega, Chaves. / Photography: TR