Boticas Parque

Nature and Biodiversity

The “Boticas Parque – Nature and Biodiversity” is located in the municipality of Boticas. It covers the parishes of Vilar, Codessoso and Beça. Access is by Regional Highway 311. The rapid connection to the motorway A24 gives you good accessibility, both from Spain (Galicia) and Northern Portugal.

The park is crossed by the Beça river, which presents a vast riparian forest, between an area that, despite its natural evolution, needed a recovery, with regeneration of the natural vegetation cover, mainly oak and shrub / bush formations. The area is preserved, guaranteeing its natural and scenic value, with special care in the protection of habitats with great natural value (floristic, fauna and fungi).

Having as its intervention area the old Forest Nurseries of Relva, with approximately 60 hectares, the creation of this park contemplated the construction of infrastructures and equipment of support, in the sense of making possible the direct management of habitats and species, the visitation of the space, the Awareness and the involvement of citizens, the dissemination, dissemination and communication of results obtained and the promotion, conservation and enhancement of the natural heritage, with the consequent maintenance of biodiversity.

In this way, it associates biodiversity and nature with knowledge and innovation, presenting itself as an important active nucleus in the promotion of conservation and preservation of the environment, in close articulation with the citizens.

Considering the particularity of the infrastructures created and the activities to be developed, which allow the public to come into contact with nature and with the populations, as well as the existence of a vast natural and built heritage, besides the quality of the pedagogical and scientific components, If they met the conditions to make Boticas Parque an attractive space and a great place to visit.



Boticas Parque is located 4.5 km (7 minutes by car) from Boticas, route R311 (direction Salto).

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Source: Boticas Park / Photography: TR