Alto da Seara

TVAP / Ancient Rock Carvings Route

Located on the left bank of the stream of Ardãos, the rock engravings are found in a flattened plain that develops until the lagoons of the Batocas, inscribing on a granite slab with approximately 25 m2. The engravings, made by pecking and abrasion, include motifs consisting of grooves that draw tendentially circular, curvilinear and rectangular motifs. Scattered about and in the vicinity of the grooves are dimples, arranged in a seemingly random manner, or at least, without being able to recognize in their position an order or pattern. In the nascent side of the slab it is possible to observe a contemporary set, where one can read >1969/ DOMINGOS<.

Although there are contemporaneous elements in the inscultórico scene of this engraving, we can consider that these do not constitute an effective disturbance of the main composition, located at the top of the slab and formed by reasons that, culturally, are inserted in the called Atlantic Art.

Source: Unidade de Arqueologia da Universidade do Minho 2016, Rotas das Gravuras, Câmara Municipal de Boticas, Boticas. / Photography: TR