The honey of the Barroso

The production of honey has always had great importance in the county. This is evidenced by material evidence such as a large dorna, located next to the parish church of Vila Grande de Dornelas, where the local population placed the wax-paid tributes to the archbishopric of Braga, as mentioned in the parish memoirs of 1758 […]

County of Boticas

The municipality of Boticas is located in the northwestern part of Portugal, in Trás-os-Montes, District of Vila Real. Created in the context of the administrative reform of 1836, the present municipality of Boticas, which corresponds to part of the old Barroso land, has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality […]


There are many festivities that take place throughout the year in the county. What we generically designate as Festivities, assumes, in practice, a variety of forms: communal meal, or just distribution of bread and wine to the faithful; religious celebration, usually followed by a procession with the image of the saint around the church/ chapel; […]


Natural Boticas has a high diversity and natural richness, which is reflected in the quality of the landscapes that dress the region and is evidenced by the presence of numerous species of animals and vegetables with conservation status. The geomorphology of the terrain, which sometimes complicates access to some regions, has allowed natural ecosystems to […]



Visit Boticas closes on November 20

Visit Boticas is the first Portal of Tourism and Leisure of Boticas. It provides free and useful information constantly updated through thematic publications, databases and news content. Its objective is to promote the territory, services and products in a perspective of local sustainable development. Visit Boticas is an independent project. It does not receive any kind […]


Trail Caminhos do Galaico attracts 800 participants

Boticas Park – Nature and Biodiversity, received on Sunday, May 12, the 3rd edition of Boticas Trail – Caminhos do Galaico, a sports event organized by the Celtiberus Environmental and Cultural Association (portuguese AACC) and Projeto Raízes, with the support of the Municipal Council of Boticas, Iberdrola and Ecomuseu de Barroso. This year the Boticas […]


Hillfort of Sapelos Cultural Heritage

The opening of the classification procedure of the Hillfort of Sapelos, a fortified settlement inserted in the Terva Valley Archaeological Park (TVAP), in the municipality of Boticas, was yesterday (April 22) published in Diário da República (DR). The mayor of Boticas, Fernando Queiroga, told the Lusa news agency that the classification of this hillfort “is […]




Where to eat

Taberna Ti João

Regional Cuisine Rua do Lameirão 1 5460-130 Carvalhelhos-Boticas Mobile phone: (+351) 938 272 698 Email: geral@tabernatijoao.pt www.tabernatijoao.pt Open Google Maps    

Boutique do Pão

Bakery and Confectionery The Boutique do Pão is the home of the Bolo Real Barrosão, a delicious exclusive, that combines the traditional cake dough of the bolo rei with the best smoked meats of the Barroso. Here you can also find Rye Bread, the traditional Folar Transmontano, the Bôla de Carne and varied pastry.   […]

Where to stay

Casa do Pedro

Rua Direita, 15 (Largo da Capela) 5460-010 Vilarinho Seco – Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 444 112   [wpgmza id=”18″]    

Rio Beça Hotel ***

Estrada Nacional 311, Carreira da Lebre, 5460-125 Beça-Boticas Tel.: (+351) 276 413 003 Email: riobeca@gmail.com www.hotelriobeca.com   [wpgmza id=”20″]